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DJ ? Presents Soul Spaceship
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It was Jah featuring C Los – Hip Hop Reggae Funk
Soul Light Hip Hop Groove Rock
That Sumpthin featuring C Los -Funk Groove Rock Hip Hop
Sittin’ on the porch featuring C Los – Hip Hop Groove Rock
Walk and Roll Acoustic Groove Rock Hip Hop
Too Beautiful Hip Hop Groove Rock
Told ya so featuring C Los – Hip Hop Funk Rock
Smoke Green (Ode to DJ ?) featuring C Los, Ajao, Kevin 11 -Reggae
Baby Got My Bud featuring C Los -Reggae Acoustic Rock
Leave it Alone Hip Hop Jazz Rock
So Real Hip Hop Rock
Revelucion featuring C Los & Che Guevara- Latin Hip Hop
Puff Puff Give Funk Hip Hop
Folks Music featuring C Los – Hip Hop Groove Rock
Soul Spaceship Funk Hop
Attack of the White Trash Pagans Jam Band Hip Hop

soulspaceship album
From galaxies beyond and distant, interplanetary groove messenger DJ QuestionMark drops Soul Spaceship on earth beings; blending original hip hop, reggae, and acoustic grooves into song formations via ancient alien audio alchemy. Featuring vocalist/rapper C-los, the Soul Spaceship sound voyage combines loops and beats with the energy of acoustic guitar songwriting.

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Artwork by: Bina Creations

All songs ©2011 Mchugh with artists per songs

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